I hated writing in school. My teachers said I sucked – in so many words – and my understanding at the time was they were the experts; so I believed them. In college, I managed to conquer research papers only because I tossed out most of the rules for writing essays so I could actually enjoy myself in the process. Essays on roller coasters and mythology managed to squeak into my science and history papers. One of my influences at the time was a boyfriend who made it his goal to insert a Pink Floyd lyric into every college paper, and I believe he graduated with some sort of honors. This became my basic education on how playing with words can be fun.

Now, writing is an everyday adventure. My adult analytical skills and my childhood imagination swirl together spawning short stories I hope Ray Bradbury would be proud of.

Sara was a resident writer at Elephant Words online journal in 2016, writing short stories on a weekly basis from an image prompt. Two of may favorite include “I am Hercules” and “Doing Time.

In 2017, Sara published her first piece in an anthology called The Radvocate issue 14. The story, titled “Mother” which Ray Bradbury’s personal biographer, Sam Weller described as, “A bit of Bradbury’s “Banshee” in a Mexican mileau.

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