Toronado Grand Opening

So Roger and I headed down to the new Toronado to check out the new beer bar in the hood. After wandering by around 2pm we found that the place was scheduled to be open. Still lookig like they were not ready, but they had a couple hours to go. So at 4pm we walked over to find a group of people starring into the windows and the sign that read the opening time, now read 4pm ish. So we waited around with everyone else.

We watched as the plywood countertop was covered in butcher paper and staff were putting the taps on. It appeared that they were still hungover from the night before, hence the late start. My suspicions were confirmed by my friend, Dennis who had partied with them the previous day. He also mentioned that the countertop was still in TJ, not ready to be installed.

After the staff made a toast to the opening that had yet to happen, one of the staff came out to open the door to let in the 50 plus people waiting around. While doing so, the handle to the front door broke… So I guess that is the way that things have been.

50 plus beers on tap and more bottles in the fridges. I guess I was wrong about food. It has a full kitchen that serves the same sausages as a neighboring business in SF throughout the day and a full menu at night (not available yet). But anyhow, it does get the status of being an all ages venue. Still don’t know how they pulled that one off considering the sales on beer will severely outweigh the food. Well at least this will be a good place to meet up with all of your friends that never get out bcause they have kids.

Check out the unfinished front… Perhaps another year before that is done??


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