City Beat’s Summerbeat, The Lafayette Hotel: 5/30/2008

I really was not expecting to leave the house Friday night, ready to just curl up in bed to a good movie. But realizing something potentially fun was happening just 8 blocks from where we live, we headed out the door. First stop, Chicken Pie Shop for an incredibly good, inexpensive and quick meal. Then just a few more blocks to the Lafayette Hotel where City Beat was having a summer kickoff party.

We were not really in a party mood, but it was great to see people and hang out. Knowing that the party only lasted until 10 pm was a great incentive for going… not that I am old or anything.

The cover was a $10 suggested donation to cover costs of the event and then to the San Diego Music Foundation, City Beat’s charity of choice. I am assuming that much of the money will go to the upcoming North By North Park music seminars in August for those who need help navigating the music business.

I totally wish that I brought my camera because the decor was incredible with accent lighting and a cat walk in the middle of the pool. The layout of of the event seemed perfect. I was quite impressed.

We arrived a bit late, only catching the tale end of the fashion show that featured North Park’s and Hillcrest’s fashion boutiques and vintage shops including Wear It Again Sam and Mimi in Red.

We really came to watch Transfer play poolside since it had been a long while. The lead singer, Matt Molarius has a voice that reminds me of the late Jeff Buckley. Their melodic songs can put you in a trance and inspire a wild imagination.

There must be something about live music performances that rub the cops the wrong way. The same thing that happened at the North Park Festival of the Arts, happened at the Lafayette. Right before the last song, a cop told the drummer that they had to be done at 9 pm. They told the cop that they had one more… which was more like two songs. Half way through the song, this woman (maybe the hotel owner?) was looking crazed like she was going to pull the plug. Transfer ended at 9:09 pm. Funny thing is that a DJ was playing after this… equally as loud and with equal draw. I will never understand.

I barely got to see the fashion vendors or the artistic display of live art advertised as Field Trip since I spent the rest of the evening dancing and spinning around the pool area with my friend’s four year old daughter, Emma. This seemed like a good ending to a chill night.


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