I need a break…

With my largest event of the year next week, I am ready to relax. It has been non-stop for the last couple of weeks including managing to see some shows. I think my body is ready to kill me.

Aside from working extremely long days, I have made it to LA to watch Nada Surf play to an all ages crowd (where they actually allow you to drink next to people under 21), I booked a show at the House of Blues restaurant stage and watched Roger play with the reunited Blasphemous Guitars. They is the simple recap… I really wish I had more time to go into detail. But the following is all ya get:

The Troubadour in LA rocks. Much like a Austin club. We stood next to high school girls that disregarded any concert etiquette (talking/screaming during songs while standing near the front, taking myspace photos with the band in the background, etc.). the back up vocals were off mainly because Daniel, the bassist was nursing a messed up knee in Spain (WTF?), but also the sound guy had the rest of the mics (besides Matthew’s) turned down low. Got home at 2 a.m.

Booked a Derby Doll fundraiser at HOB. Tough to book because of the night and the type of music requested (all girl bands). The headliner bailed three day prior to the show. None of the bands had all girls… in fact only one of the bands even had girls in it (and they were dolls). The line up ended up being Tan Sister Radio, Unruly Bangs and My Laughing Face. So sad I couldn’t stay since Roger was playing the Belly Up.

Got to the show just in time to hang a bit before the great performance. Watching the crowd who were all out to see Super Diamond was interesting. The grown up version of the girls that we had seen at Nada Surf were front and center. Really, someone needs to teach these girls a lesson. The crowd loved Killing an Arab (mashed with Rage Against the Machine) but was almost offended by People are People (mashed with Marilyn Manson). Who knew?

Off for a week of non-stop work and absolutely no fun… See ya all at the San Diego Music Awards and/or Street Scene.


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