2008 San Diego Music Awards recap

I highly questioned whether or not to go to the San Diego Music Awards his past Wednesday. I didn’t leave work until 7 p.m., which was the listed start time for the Awards. Roger was working way late so he wasn’t going to go.I finally decided to head out there just to get out of the house and to see people since I had been working non-stop for weeks. It is a long way to drive and a lot of money to spend just to socialize, but I really needed it.

I got there just in time to see Eve Selis name being butchered by some radio personality from one of the stations that I don’t listen to. I’m pretty sure they do a run through of the show prior, including pronunciation of names. This guy really didn’t pay attention.

The crowd seemed similar to previous years. Very social, not really paying any attention to the awards being presented. It really is just set up as a place to people watch and be seen. So sad, but true.

Here is the listing of 2008 SDMA winners.

The biggest surprise to me (and to many) was the Song of the Year and Album of the Year going to Slightly Stoopid. I’m pretty sure this one was not up for popular vote. I would love to hear the reasoning behind the choice from this year’s 37 person music academy besides the fact that reggae has never been represented as an artist/song/album of the year. Actually, I don’t care what they say… I really don’t think that Slightly Stoopid’s album or song ranks up there with the likes of Switchfoot, Louis XIV, Pinback, P.O.D., Sprung Monkey, Jewel, Blink-182, Jason Mraz, Stone Temple Pilots and all the other song and album of the year winners who have sold more records and had songs that at least made it to the Billboard charts (not like that is a perfect measure, but a reasonable one).

This is my opinion of who should of won those categories… not based on personal opinion, but based on other music news sources:
Song of the Year: Switchfoot: This is Home OR P.O.D.: Addicted
Album of the Year: Augustana: Cant Love Cant Hurt OR As I Lay Dying: An Ocean Between Us

Ok… done ranting for now. I am glad to hear that the San Diego Music Foundation raised over $41,000 for Taylor Guitars in schools. I really hope my kid sees the benefits from this program some day.


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