Douchebags never have friends

Roger and I escaped to Copley Symphony Hall last night to see Sigur Ros. Personally, not a huge fan but I enjoyed my evening of chill music with lyrics that I couldn’t really decipher. The opening band (can’t remember their name sadly), I actually liked. Again, lyrics were indistinguishable but the energy was that of a band of gypsies playing in a fancy recording studio.

Sigur Ros gave a stellar performance with mood setting backdrops of video and lighted globes. The crowd was a mixed bag. Mostly they behaved themselves. It always gets to me the way that regular club goers often don’t respect the nature of the fancier venues. Sigur Ros has the option of playing other venues in town (Spreckel’s, Viejas, OAT, etc.) but he chose to play at Symphony Hall. The acoustics are probably the main reason. But with that he needs to understand his audience too which for the most part are individuals who rarely (if ever) have stepped foot in a fancy theatre in their lives.

The culture and the tone setting of the show was preset due to the fact that it was at Copley Symphony Hall. The culture was confirmed by the actions and behaviors of the opening act. They did not rev the audience up. They performed just as a symphony performs… little to no crowd interaction, using musical transitions instead of telling stories. Even 94/9 respected the place. Instead of banners hanging everywhere, they were given easals on which to place the sign, very classy.

As I said before, the audience was mostly good, perhaps their parents brought them to a symphony or a theater performance when they were younger. There were a couple of guys (drunk guys) that were absorbed in the music and felt the overwhelming desire to dance and attempted to convince the rest of the theatre to dance as well.

One guy, probably the same guy who was yelling loudly during songs, decided to dance all the way down the aisle. After the security and ushers tried to escort him back to his seat, he decided to yell, cursing at the whole theatre the fact that he was not permitted to dance. It ended up taking 4-5 people to get him back to his seat… yeah, they let the guy stay.

I have to say that I like dancing. But I also have a understanding that there is a time and place. If you want to dance to Sigur Ros, go to Big Sonic Chill night at the AC or wait until he goes to a different venue.

However, I did notice that neither the drunk dancing or the other guy down front who kept trying to get people to stand up the whole night, had any “friends”. He may have come with people, but they were no where to be seen as soon as they started acting up. And you know that these guys aren’t coming to shows alone. I can’t see how they ever get out of the house… I mean, once a friend makes a fool of themselves in a public place like that, wouldn’t you never want to hang out at a show with them again? Maybe it is just me. Grow up.


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