Staring at the Sun: Volume 7

This week another volume of Staring at the Sun (San Diego Music Compilation) came out into the world produced by Bart Mendoza and Chuck Schiele at Blindspot Records. With it, three shows around town featuring various artists from for the CD. This past Sunday during The Local Pyle live broadcast at The Casbah, the first of the three shows resumed. The next two shows are scheduled for Saturday, January 3 at Lestat’s (9pm) and Saturday, January 11 at House of Blues (7pm).

Per usual, the CD and shows reach out into the depths of the San Diego music scene to feature potentially up-and-coming bands and artists. The genres are spread from blues to acoustic to rock to mod. The collection often brings to life artists that may have been hidden under the radar from listeners for years.

Volume 7’s songs and artists of note include The Modlins – For The Good of The Armor, Wendy Bailey – I Swear, I say and The Anna Troy Band – I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster, among 19 other local goodies.

Although there was a ten year break between Volumes 5 and 6, the next Staring at the Sun compilation (Volume 8) is scheduled to come out next year, including a DVD of local artist performances. Personally, I can’t wait!


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