Bar to Bar

While we were at Blind Lady Ale House in Normal Heights, Roger and I discussed how you have to reference local bars by what they used to be. With recent developments for many bars in the central San Diego area leaves most locals struggling to keep up saying, “What is that place called again?” Here is a reference of recent bar turnovers for those who are having a tough time:

Scolari’s Office = The Office
Buster Daly’s = U31
Shooterz = True North Tavern
San Diego Sports Club = The Ruby Room
Zombie Lounge = Radio Room
Chaser’s = Soda Bar
Dinos = Bar Pink (Pink Elephant)
Hamburger Mary’s = Urban Mo’s Bar & Grill
Sparky’s = Hamilton’s Tavern
Wolf’s/Rebar = Bluefoot Bar & Lounge

For better or worse, things change. It is hard not to hold on to the past but embrace the awesome things that are appearing.


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