New All Ages Live Music Venue in San Diego: The Marquee

Saturday night, Roger and I were edging to go out. We hadn’t made any plans for a babysitter and noticed that Tan Sister Radio was playing in a venue called The Marquee in Golden Hill and texted Aaron, the band’s guitarists to find out if it was indeed all ages. After confirming that the place was all ages, Roger and I took a gamble that it was suitable for Thomas and his young ears to go (yeah, we are still looking at getting baby muffs). I looked up the venue and saw that it was an old church converted into a venue for local artists and musicians. Cool. This should work.

After walking up a wooden stair case decorated in twinkle lights, we paid the $8 suggested donation and took the time to explore the place. Immediately you walk into the main hall where there are white vinyl pews (couches) facing the alter (stage). There is art hung from walls and a balcony that houses the board for the new sound system. There is a small room that served as a sort of green room in the back (that also had access to the one bathroom). This room also proved to be a great respite for us for taking Thomas away when he became fussy. There was food available that we later found out was left over from a wedding that afternoon.

The line up was all acoustic acts for the evening (yes, Tan Sister Radio reworked their set for this gig). The acts included Tan Sister Radio, Folding Mr. Lincoln, Allied Gardens and Dave Booda. We managed to stay for nearly three sets before needing to leave.

We got a chance to talk to Gill S.O.TU., the guy who books the Marquee. Super cool guy. We found out that the venue’s capacity is 180 (even with the last of restrooms). Their schedule includes:

Mondays: Dance Night
Tuesdays: Open Mic Night (Train of Thought)
Wednesdays: Writers Workshops and Movie Nights
Thursdays: Hip Hop (Boombox Sessions)
Fridays & Saturdays: Live Acoustic Music Nights (Acoustic San Diego)

The place is beautiful and inviting. Definitely check it out or consider booking an event there. I know I am.


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