For Moms (and Dads) Who Like to Drink

Unlike my mom, but like a lot of new parents, I made the decision not to give up things that I love for my child. I still drive my MINI Cooper, play roller derby, go out to watch bands, and of course, drink. Now that Thomas is in our lives, there are limits to how much I drink and where I can drink. Many parents think that the bar scene is so far behind them. I disagree. There are many cool places that you can go enjoy a few good drinks and bring the little one(s) along that are not Gymberee or Dave and Buster’s. Here are a few of my favorites:

I found out that I was pregnant the day that this bar/restaurant opened. The kids that were tagging along with their parents made me realize that my drinking days were not over. This place feels more like a bar than a restaurant (all the better). If you do bring your little ones, you may be among the few (if not the only ones) that have children there. They serve an excellent

Blind Lady Alehouse
This is a fairly new pub/restaurant located in Normal Height. They serve good beer through a stainless steel draft system making it cleaner than other bars/pubs. They serve amazing pizza and salads. You have to try the cheese plate! Many families do come here in the early evening. Get there between 5pm and 6pm to ensure a seat otherwise look forward to hovering.

Baja Betty’s
Craving margaritas or straight up tequila? This place is for you. They also have awesome happy hour specials so non-working moms can hit it up early.

Lei Lounge
Roger and I disagreed on this place. He was positive that it was 21+ only. After a quick query, I found it indeed can have minors. Great mixed drinks (by the pitcher if you choose) and fresh food that comes out as it is ready. Get a cabana for you and your crew.

To check out places that you would like to frequent, try the California License Query System where you can search businesses by business name (Doing Business As), address, licensee name, or license number.

To understand the what the numbers on the license type mean, check out the list of common liquor licenses

Sadly, I will not be at the Starlite tonight for the Cause for Drinks, charity benefit of UNICEF’s Tap Project to celebrate World Water Week since Starlite is a License Type: 48, meaning no minors, even though they do operate a restaurant.

Sources: California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and individual sites.


2 thoughts on “For Moms (and Dads) Who Like to Drink

  1. here in the UK, nearly all pubs and bars allow kids and dogs. it is common for kids to filter in after school and for patrons (or bartenders) to bring their pets.

  2. Hey Sara – Erin at the Reuben H. Fleet here, I wanted to let you know we are having our third Science on the Rocks Thursday, April 23rd. You did a nice post about the first event and mentioned that you enjoyed “Tinkering”. “Tinkering” is leaving the Fleet on June 7th, so make sure to make it out to this Science on the Rocks to “Tinker” and play Guitar Hero on the Dome — more details here:

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