The Future of Radio???

The new year (and the end of last year) has so far brought a bit of chaos and rumbling in the air waves with the departures of radio personalities: Dave, Shelley and Chainsaw, Jeff and Jer, and Mikey. In addition, the contract for Halloran from FM94.9 was not renewed in the new year. I know that much of the San Diego community has been shaken by one or more of these not-so-fond-farewells. I know I have. Here are a few insights on the current situation and the vision for the future:

Chris Cantore’s appearance on NBC capturing the the state of things perfectly.
SD Dialed In sharing her empathy and vision.
SDRadio’s Tribute to the DSC with comments on the various parties to blame for the ducks being shot out of the water.
Chick Rawker re-post of the ChrisCantore video and details of Halloran’s departure (coming soon).

All of this madness made me go digging through my archives to find a previous post on the subject. Here is
Radio Nowhere from October 7, 2008.

I will end with what I said then:

So those in radio, I feel for you but this is the life you have chosen and I admire you for it. It is definitely not for me. Those who listen to radio keep on… it is you who drive the market.


2 thoughts on “The Future of Radio???

  1. thanks for your kind words to all of us who are working in this crazy industry. all of the sudden it feels like san diego radio has become this vortex of doom! or something. you're right, change seems to be the norm now, and maybe that's the one downside to being in radio – that we never know how long we'll be at each station and we never really know what is going to happen next. if it wasn't so much fun, i might think about becoming an accountant.

  2. Are you a numbers nerd? An accountant would be your second choice? I know you are kidding, but seriously, what would you have become if you weren't in radio?

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