Upcoming Show: Samuel Stewart, Lestat’s 4/23/2010

I realized after I got the press release for this week’s upcoming Samuel Stewart show at Lestat’s on Friday, April 23, that I never actually finished my show review from his last visit at the Casbah on February 22, 2010. I was expecting alot after hearing the gourgous EP, The Beginner ahead of time. Although Samuel is all grown up, he has an air of childishness about him. The professional musician shines through as he launches into Devil Music. His incredible vocals took me on a rollercoaster ride… swelling highs and lows caused my insides to flit about like the youngish crowd who were there actually dancing without inhibitions.

I do plan to go to Friday’s show with the little one, hoping to see more dancing in the aisles. I hope you are able to join.

This Friday’s show claims that doors open at 8:30pm. Lestat’s is not known in my circle of friends for adhearing to these times. So be prepared to wait a little outside or be rushing in to finding a seat (since they often mix up the door time with the show time).


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