What I Learned Today… calendars

It doesn’t matter what kind of calendar I maintain, I will NEVER have my events straight.

I used to own a Palm Pilot. I was pretty good with it for a while because it was novel. But then I got a day job where we used Outlook all of the time. I still have that job, but realized after contemplating leaving that keeping my personal stuff on my work calendar (even if locked to private) wasn’t that great of an idea. Then I tried Google calendars but since I didn’t have a Blackberry or iPhone, I couldn’t update it on the go therefore it got neglected. So for a while I was without a calendar, relying on Roger and our refrigerator calendar to keep me up to speed… and that just drove me insane.

Currently, I use the old-fashioned $1 weekly planner that a pen or pencil is required. I use pencil cause a) I don’t trust people and b) I know shit changes. 

Ideally, we check with each other on a weekly basis and check concert calendars on a monthly basis, depending on the venue. Roger’s planner is identical except the color of the cover making comparing calendars easier. But if it doesn’t get written down, I don’t remember it is happening and I feel bummed later, and then I write down the wrong date (all the freaking time)… Like today that I found I had written Fiesta del Sol down for next weekend. Um, that event has come and gone. Ridiculous.

I really want to go back to Google calendar and use my iTouch; I can at least use when there is wi-fi and make notes for upcoming events on the go kind of like i did with my Palm. But I know whatever form of calendaring I use, and even if I am good about writing things down in it, that it still won’t guarantee I will be at an event or show I really wanted to go to.


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