What I Learned Today… fish tacos and a bonus from yesterday

Tabe has one of the best fish tacos in town.

Yummy. I love me some good fish tacos. Tabe is one of San Diego’s mobile food trucks that hosts a weekly Taco Tuesday event at their stationary kitchen, located in the Chevron market on Murphy Canyon Road. They do Korean BBQ, Mexican fusion food. Tacos and burritos with spicy pork, BBQ beef and fish dipped in beer batter that will have you driving around town in search of the elusive truck for more. Well, not so elusive. You can always follow their Twitter feed or hit up their kitchen.

The fish taco is light with romaine lettuce, sweet Maui salsa and their secret “Asian-inspired cream sauce” (their words not mine) topped with a slice of mandarin.

I love South Beach fish tacos for the quality of fish in their tacos, but I will be going to Tabe for the flavor of the fish taco as a whole… and I suggest you do too.

And for an added bonus…

My husband cannot identify a popular Kids in the Hall reference… in particular, “I’m crushing your head.”

If I hadn’t already posted yesterday, this totally would have been the post of the day. My first thought was “how is this possible?” then my second thought was “why don’t we own the box set?” The whole thing needs to be remedied… and soon… definitely before our trip to San Francisco in January 2011 for the 10th year of the SF Sketchfest. Otherwise, how can I live this down.


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