What I Learned Today… Bird Park

Bird Park is actually shaped like a bird.

Heading home from a neighborhood filled day…

The morning was spent at the Miller’s house on 32nd and Redwood for their 5th annual fundraiser, Alex’s Lemonade Stand with FM94.9 broadcasting, live music, silent auctions and Storm Troopers. After a much-needed family nap, we took the wagon over to Bird Park on 28th and Pershing for their annual summer concert series to see Billy Lee and the Swamp Critters.  

… we stumbled across this painting on the side of one of the utility boxes. Roger was the one who actually identified it as being a map or an early concept of the park. We have been to Bird Park many times to watch friends play football, let the kid run and watch concerts, but we never noticed this painting before.  

The park always seemed oddly shaped to me with a winding pathway, plants in seemingly strange places and a random sitting area in the shape of a circle (which I now understand is the eye). So in addition to the names of the various birds spotted in North Park stamped in the concrete along the walkway, here is an additional reason the park is  for the birds.

You can see for yourself from this google map photo or by taking a walk in the park, that the plan didn’t completely shake out in terms of landscaping, but what project ever does? If you are ever feeling in the mood for some guerilla gardening, finishing the feet would be an awesome surprise.


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