What I Learned Today… jumping to interrupting

This will be the last post before I head out for England. I have a few Comic Con posts that will be automatically posting while I’m gone, but the mini-series will be continued when I get back in a couple of weeks.

Yesterday: Jumping has never been so much fun… teaching Thomas to jump.

The caveat is jumping was probably awesome the first time I learned, but sadly I don’t remember. Thomas has known the word “jump” for a while, but it wasn’t until recently he could actually get some air. In his swim class we have been trying to teach him to jump to us with little success. All of a sudden he has found new enthusiasm for jumping off stairs and steps.

Mimicking the language and feet positioning of how we get him to jump into the water, he places his little toes to the edge of the step and counts “1, 2, 3 and jump!” His jump is a little delayed mostly resulting in a step to the ground, but sometimes he jumps with such vigor, he is not prepared for the landing and ends up falling. Then it is “Mom jump.” Sometimes together, but mostly I think he is analyzing my form. Either way, a half hour of “1, 2, 3 and jump!” make you sleepy but cracking up at yourself for the rush it gives.  

Today: I revert to my horrible habit of interrupting when under stress or in a rush.

I have been working hard on kicking this habit for a while. My gut cringes every time words stream from my mouth before a person has finished their thought. I know better, but apparently my thoughts race to my lips faster than my conscience can stop them. From one conversation alone, I counted at least three times where I tried to finish a sentence for my boss (eek!) and each one was not met with appreciation. I really need to watch myself, especially when I get anxious, so I don’t get myself in any real trouble.


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