One more to Eleven

If you need that extra push over the cliff… you know what to do? Go to Eleven. This awesome Spinal Tap reference comes in the form of San Diego’s newest bar from Scot Blair and Dennis Borlek, the guys who brought you beer bars, Hamilton’s Tavern and Small Bar with Louis Mello from Liars Club as their general manager.

Radio Room, the location where Eleven now stands, looked like an empty shell compared to the newly renovated drinking establishment. Now plastered with old punk and rock posters from San Francisco and San Diego clubs of the 70s and 80s, including under the resined bar top. The stage, like a mini version of the Fillmore in San Francisco, is draped in red velvet commanding your respect for its artists.  Like the Radio Room, and The Zombie Lounge before that, Eleven will have live bands with hopes of becoming what The Casbah was 15-20 years ago in its old location. Investment in  a new sound system shows the owners’ commitment to Eleven as a quality music venue.

Tonight will be their official opening night, although they have obviously been serving patrons for almost two weeks, with The Silent Comedy and The Donkeys filling the room with energy and mayhem.

With caliber, hopped-up taste buds of Blair, Borlek and Mello, you can surely expect top rate beers at Eleven. Sixteen taps encircle the bar’s centerpiece on what they call the tap tower.  Brewed locally by Gordon Biersch, “Eleven Lager” is an American Pale Lager, according to the bar’s extensive board,  brewed especially for this beer bar. At only $3.25 per pint, this beer is on my must-haves. Beer events and cask ale availability are additional things to look forward to from this San Diego

They still are squaring up a few things technology-wise, as their website currently only shows their logo and sadly, their bar cannot be found on Tap Hunter. So be patient or just drop on by for a few!

Note: Photo credit to Jeff Hammett of the San Diego Beer Blog. I was there for 2 nights and didn’t take any photos. Lame on me.


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