2010 FM94/9 Independence Jam

Springing for FM 94/9 Indie Jam tickets this year was not in or budget so winning them at a FM94/9 Random Act of Kindness was a bonus. This year’s line up was not one that excited me, but to spend the day with friends (and family), watching music as the sun set over the beach gave me a reason to get hyped up. Truth be told, I spent most of my day at the local stage or reconnecting with friends. I managed to miss the sets of both The Whigs and Rogue Wave.

White Apple Tree made me long for the 80s all over again. Actual music from the 80s pales in comparison to the sounds that these kids make. With two, nay three people playing drums, the tribal beats pull your beating heart to sync with the rhythm. Billed as a local band, only half the band (two brothers) actually resides in San Diego while the others live in Orange County and the band many plays up north. But the next time you see them on a bill in San Diego, make sure to check them out. Here is my favorite track of their album, Velvet Mustaches: Broken Bones.

We danced along to Delta Spirit on the side of the main stage like a couple of… well, like a couple dancing. I may need to look into getting their second album as many songs escaped me.

Next up… food! Yes, I scarfed Wahoos! fish tacos while The Burning of Rome demolished the stage. Well, they climbed on it like monkeys, rock star monkeys and tossed one of the giant skull heads into the crowd like a beach ball. Good times. But so far the pig heads on stakes from last year’s San Diego Music Awards takes the prize for shock and awe.

Skipping The Whigs for a beer and bathroom break, next up for me was The Nervous Wreckords. Thrilled to finally see San Diego legend, Brian Karscig and his newest band live, I had to be right up in front for the action. And the sunset only added to the intensity of the music.

In full discussion with my sister about everything from my road rage to family matters to music she really needs to go see live, Rogue Wave was missed. But we were not about to miss the mayhem of The Silent Comedy. I have raved before and I will rave again. They have the best live performances in town. If you have not seen them live, do your self a favor and get out of the house. Experience this chaos through stills or check out these videos from Rosey at SD Dialed In.

 When the set ended, I realized (yet again) the importance of wearing ear plugs as my hearing felt significantly dulled. I was exhausted as well. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros took the main stage as we were climbing the stairs to leave. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from their previous show here at the Belly Up. Even if they put on the best show imaginable, their attitude towards playing a good show right before Coachella blows my mind. It is as if they weren’t interested in being big. Anyhow, I was astonished at the number of songs I was able to sing along with since I have only seen them once and I don’t own their album. Admittedly, their music is catchy. Here is the final picture I took as we were exiting to Janglin.


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