Adam’s Avenue Street Fair: 9/25-26/2010

The hottest weekend of the year happened to fall on one outdoor event that our family never misses: Adam’s Avenue Street Fair. Musicians were melting and turnout was low, but that didn’t stop us from sweating the limited shade and dancing on the scorching asphalt. We came out to celebrate our fourth anniversary of the day Roger proposed to me in the back of the Ould Sod. The day also happened to be the fifth anniversary of the first time we kissed/made out in the same location. Although the Ould Sod is no longer part of our destination, the Street Fair holds a particular warmth in our hearts. Plus we have the new luxury of cooling our heels and filling up on good beer and food at the recently expanded Blind Lady Ale House. While we were there, our favorite reporter from the UT, Nina Garin took in a couple of words from Roger about our celebrations.

We had a few acts we wanted to check out while we were there, one being the ever-so sexy Smart Brothers. This harmonious trio (then duo, now back to trio) changed up their act a bit going from beautiful ballads in a southern old-fashioned barbershop style to a straight-up rock n’ roll group that prompts you to move your feet in more than a top-tapping sort of way. Different but still good. 

Citizen Band rocks my world. The most Americana band in San Diego hands down. Only slightly sad Jeff Berkley didn’t wear the Derby Dolls hat I gave him. But seriously… this guy wears that hat nearly everywhere.

Exene hit the spot on Saturday. Her vocals sounded better than previous shows and I had second and third motions on that fact. Combined with the vocal power of Cindy Wasserman, her acoustic set really did make my day.

Dead Rock West features my two favorite vocalists, Frank Lee Drennen and Cindy Wasserman, who belt out their emotions from their hearts. Love, love, love these two.

I stood in the shadows as Peter Case took the stage. The sun and beer had fried my brain by this point in the weekend.  

Here is one of my favorite photos taken of Thomas at the Street Fair. It’s the color, composition, shadows, the heat you can feel radiating off his cheeks and the dude dancing in the street. Justified.


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