What I Learned Today… haunted fonts

Free Haunted Mansion fonts are available and great for holiday decor.

Really this post was an excuse to show off my “decorated name plate” at work. Our organization has a name plate decorating contest each Halloween to give us a chance to decorate but in limited quantities. On a side note, before we had rules limiting decorations for Halloween, staff would construct monstrous sets that would take half a day to complete. One year our team erected a large circus tent in the office with a gypsies theme and “stole” other items from people’s departments to sell back to them later. Over the top.

Anyhow, I have mostly received positive comments from others about my simple decorations, with only one person who indicated that I cheated by not actually using my name plate. Whatever.

So to make this all happen, I decided to go with the Haunted Mansion theme since I had the frame hanging around (someone had left it on the freebie table months ago).

After a bit of searching I found the original Disney’s Haunted Mansion font, Mansion  by David Occhino Design. But I am not one to pay for my fonts (especially for these types of things) so I found the font for my name at a scrapbooking website. HERE you can download several free Disney fonts including the knock off of the official Mansion font called Gracie’s Curse.

The crows actually did come from David Occhino Design in a free font called Mansion Crypt Bats. This Webdings type font gives you a variety of Disney’s Haunted Mansion characters and designs. You can download it for yourself HERE.

Now that I have finished my name plate, my boss wants me to do hers. Sigh.


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