91X, it’s for charity

The 91X “Stuff a Scion” Benefit Concert was rescheduled due to rain three times, but the weather didn’t deter this San Diego station from finally throwing together a great free event on Wednesday, November 24 (Thanksgiving Eve) to support the San Diego Food Bank. I don’t think a Scion was ever physically stuffed, but there were definitely several barrels of food collected for the cause.

Free food from Los Primos left me stuffed and alleviated the question of how in the world I was going to eat dinner that night.

The Howls opened the event rocking the dealership lot with their catchy, swinging vocals and rooted Americana/Blues style guitar parts stemming from the likes of Wilco and Tom Petty.

The Silent Comedy took on the night, jumping and dancing per usual but also in attempt to stay warm. Across the street at the neighboring dealers, lights from the car alarms twinkled like Christmas lights in the cold night air as the musical raucous shook up the PB community.

Before, between and after the sets, a raffle to smash pumpkins for Smashing Pumpkins tickets (aka 91X Wrex the Halls tickets) kept crowds and Thomas thoroughly entertained; discovering that glitter is more hilarious when it comes out of an exploding pumpkin.

All I wanted for 91X-mas was a snuggie. I must have been a good girl cause I won the coveted snuggie pair with lift tickets to Bear Mountain. Too bad my little man likes it too!


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