The Dragons, The Casbah: 1/27/2011

I love this photo taken at the Casbah during The Dragons’ set a week ago. For some reason the stage lights weren’t working and they used the spotlight from the back and at one point, the house lights . Rumors were the lights were set up for heighten security during The Dragons’ railing set, but in actuality, the stage lights were just broken and the spotlight was the best they could do.

I fet like a teenager in the sold out crowd. The Dragons brought back memories of underage drinking, walking the beach late at night and hanging around bars outside trying to hear the music. “High” was our anthum. We lived and breathed to escape the pressure of “the establishment” (i.e. school, parents). The Dragons represent all of that and more for me. So glad to see they are back playing even if it is just now and again.


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