Local Music Review: The Midwinters


Band: The Midwinters

Songs: Currently, The Midwinters have the same three songs available on both myspace and ReverbNation for streaming.

  • “All There Is” (NEW prac demo): Curling guitar like that of an ocean wave twinkling in the sunset. Extremely soft vocals, but at least they stated it’s a demo (so forgiven). Catchy tune.
  • “Sunday Morning”: More rock than “All There Is.” Accenting keyboards with 90s-sort-of TV-show-theme-song melodies. Ends with lovely hang. 
  • “Hinges”: This song is when I realized I heard this band before years ago. The distinctive voice of Paul Donovan and rhythms of “Hinges” harks back to their Christian-rock roots of Dryve. The keyboards sound like drops of water in a barrel, sending ripples of color through the song.

Overall: Immediately (although it took time to determine the exact band), their music reminded me of my days sitting sipping a cup of mocha and popping chocolate covered espresso beans (the caffeine of which I have long since abandoned) on the floor at Zanzibar in PB. Dryve was an essential part of my high school days. Since it was Christian-rock, my parents approved and I had the chance to enjoy good music without lying about where I was going. The Midwinters brings a solid performance of the Indie/Americana variety with a bit of the 90s thrown in for good measure. I look forward to seeing them live and experiencing them in this re-energized incarnation.

Albums: Hinges (2010), a five-song EP which includes both “Sunday Morning” and “Hinges.” The EP is available to download for FREE at bandcamp.

Calendar: Currently, there are two shows on their schedule of which I am hoping to making it to the first. Perhaps you would like to join me!

  • Wednesday, March 9 @ Ruby Room with Canyon Sets
  • Wednesday, March 16 @ Soda Bar with the Bruises (SF) and Strangers

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