Local Music Review: Gayle Skidmore

Artist: Gayle Skidmore

Songs:  Gayle has covered the web with her music including sites where you can buy her album  listed below as well as, myspace and ReverbNation. The following five songs can be found on the main page of her myspace for streaming.

  • “Paper Box”: Sweet lyrics with her “paper family.” Although she claims she is “so happy,” stripping out the lyrics, the actual melody sounds so sad. Check out the clever but rudimentary animation for the song’s video. 
  • “Crazy”: A choppy banjo provides the melody complimenting her vocal arrangements, coming together to create an old-timey tune suitable for a vintage radio. 
  • “Set Me Free”: Bring on the full band… the intro reminds me of another song I can’t quite pinpoint (perhaps you can). Her voice resonates deeper and more powerful than the rest of the tracks, channeling the likes of Johnette Napolitano.
  • “Remember”: Hollowed vocals bringing to life the lyrics, “echos of me.” The piano with the metronome tapping drum beat encase the piece in small room amplifying the loneliness.
  • “Zion”: Simple folky song with finger picking acoustic guitar. I can envision myself sitting in the corner of a coffeehouse drawing pictures of angels and flowers with this song sparking artistic creations.

Overall: Similar to Ingrid Michaelson including the delightful and innocent intonation, Gayle Skidmore makes you want to love her more. Her bio indicates her mastering 14 instruments which upon beholding her music, the diversity of sounds penetrates your hears with the guitar, banjo, piano and more. Still raw around the edges, Gayle shows extrodinary potential to fill some big shoes in (and out) of the San Diego music scene.

Albums: Make Believe (2010) with 14 songs is available to stream on myspace and to purchase on iTunes. Cowley Road EP (2008) with 5 songs including “Crazy” and the “Annebelle” single (2010) are both available on bandcamp and last.fm along with Make Believe.

Calendar: I hope to make it out to the Park Gallery show and encourage you to catch her sometime too!


One thought on “Local Music Review: Gayle Skidmore

  1. i was trying to remember who she reminded me of musically @ the soda bar…and it’s Jolie Holland (her album “Escondida” came out in the 90’s)
    good review btw.

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