School of Rock all grown up: Lua

Those School of Rock kids seem to be growing up fast. Meet Lua, one of the bands that arose out of friendships made at San Diego’s School of Rock. Previously (as in only a couple of months ago) called Pitchfork Perfection, Lua is composed of Emily Anne James-Kanis on vocals, Jordan Krimston on drums, Sarah Linton on Guitar, and Karter Rosner on bass. Influences of Yeah, Yeah Yeahs and Avril Lavigne are evidenced in their music.

Lua will be playing Sunday, June 19 poolside at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley with several other former School of Rock kids who have now formed their own bands. Here is a video of them doing “Try it Again” at a house party in March.

My apologies to Emily for this not going out sooner.


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