Venturing into the world of adult coloring books

Who likes to color? I know I like to color. And apparently so do a lot of other adults. According to Good Magazine, in April 2015, Amazon’s two top bestsellers were coloring books for adults. Citing a need to “return to innocence,” many adults are picking up the crayons and are choosing to fill in the lines, or perhaps rebelling by using formerly prohibited permanent markers and coloring outside the lines.

Regardless of the reasoning, I totally approve of this particular decision many adults are making.

And there are a number of choices for adults to fulfill almost every coloring need. Mental Floss did a run down of some of the weirdest/coolest coloring books for adults. I have always appreciated the Indie Rock coloring book, which is also mentioned on this other great list by Brit + Co who shared their favorite “modern” coloring books.

Personally, I have a few friends I would love to see make a coloring book of their art, including Kendra Kent & her Parade of Weird and of course, McHank. I also have toyed with the idea of creating a coloring book. Perhaps one with an animal theme? Right now, I have a few other goals that are higher on my priority list, but consider this added to my bucket list.



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