What I Learned Today… font happiness

I’m feeling in the mood to start back up the What I Learned Today… mini series. Everyday I learn something new either about myself or about the world, but ultimately both, and share my findings. During the previous mini series, I learned serpentine is California’s state rock, emoticons emote hate (at least for me) and Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive” was the number one song on the billboard charts when I was born. Let’s see what this next month of my life will unveil. For today I learned…

I tend to use humanist san-sarif fonts.

Many people have a favorite font, or even going so far as loathing others. After reading a post on Everyday Stranger called Font of Knowledge, I thought about my own bias for fonts.

In everything I do, I lean towards using san-sarif (you know, the ones without the little end cappers)… in particular, the humanist san-sarif variety.  These fonts include Calibri (my personal favorite), Johnston, Lucida Grande, Segoe UI, Gill Sans, Myriad, Frutiger, Trebuchet MS (second favorite), Tahoma, Verdana and Optima (a.k.a. Zapf Humanist).  According to Wikipedia (I know, great resource), “these are the most calligraphic of the sans-serif typefaces, with some variation in line width and more legibility than other sans-serif fonts.”

Calibri is my default and not just because Microsoft Office comes set up that way. The font really does represent the image I want to portray. Petite, beautiful and clear. Not overbearing or silly.

Arial, the PC knock off font of Helvetica, is the choice font at work… as it is at many companies. Clear and rounded for anyone to read.  It wasn’t until after I watched the font lover’s documentary, Helvetica, I realized that PC’s have Arial and not Helvetica.  If you love (or hate) fonts and graphic design, you NEED to see this movie… currently streaming instantly on Netflix.

As a special note, Helvetica and Arial both fall under the Neo-grotesque san-sarif classification. New gross. Gotta love it.

Image source: Helvetica robot from Jonathon Yule’s Invdr gallery of robots made from various sans-serif fonts.


What I Learned Today… UK trip: Part 3

This will be the final post of my What I Learned Today… mini series. I may choose to go back to it at another time and I am glad I spent the time to write, but now that I am in the writing habit, I want to kick into gear some other projects. For now, here is the final days of my UK trip:

Here is an awesome picture one of the girls drew of the group on the last page of my book… I’m the one hanging on the phone booth.

And here is a photo of me on the back steps of the Harewood House looking over the garden with the camp in the distance.

This one is my favorite photo I took on the trip when it started pouring rain in front of Harrods.

What I Learned Today… UK: Part 2

I realize I should probably add photos to fill the stories out… That will came in a separate post. A picture post. Back to the little Freelancer Book with my messy scrawl. I should mention the notebook is EXACTLY the same size as my passport. There was at least two instances where I almost gave the airline staff my journal rather than my passport. That would have been awkward.

Here we go! The continuing saga of my trip.

The finale occurs in part 3 which will be posted on Monday. Oooh, I know it is so gripping. Better than reality TV.

What I Learned Today… a walk around the block

A walk around the block can really center your life perspective.

Feeling unwell, I exited the air-conditioned, flourescent-lit hole to the perfect sunny San Diego day. I needed to decompress… mostly from the jet lag and over-stimulation of being back in the world of electronic mail and instant communication.  The smells of my childhood immediately came wafting through my nose. Odors of dusty trails of Balboa Park, fresh-cut lawns and a variety of native plants tickled my senses as I reflected on the memories retraced through smells. Building tiny villages with sticks and leaves in the neighbor’s bushes, running through sprinklers in my skirted swimsuit all without pressure of time and place.

A cool breeze hit my skin reminding me the ocean is only a skip down the road. The air-filled with sand castles, sunscreen and salty waves. Youthful dreams of future loves and plans are now distant recollections and left only for the mind to ponder. This concept slightly saddens me as I round the corner in my return to the daily drudge, but in the same turn reminds me that it is now my son’s turn to skip and jump through the hula hoops and roll down the grassy fields of life. I’m not saying I won’t do the same… but the opportunities presented are less than they used to be, unless I choose to walk away from the confines of a desk job. I guess that is what retirement is for.

What I Learned Today… UK: Part 1

While I was away, I continued my reflection of my day-to-day learnings. One thing I learned in the process is when I handwrite, much of the descriptive text is lost as I just want to write quickly and I make a lot of spelling errors. Yes, there is a heavy reliance on spell check in my life. Using one of Holiday Matinee’s  Freelancer  Notepads, I documented my learnings and musings throughout the trip. Half reflection and half diary, I present to you my trip in the United Kingdom: Part 1 (July 29-August 2, 2010):




 Hopefully,you can expect the next installment sometime tomorrow.