What I Learned Today… Emoticons

I still hate emoticons after learning the history and purpose of using them.

Thanks to Anne Trubek and her recent post for GOOD I now know that even though these silly faces help indicate tone and voice in an email or text, I still have an extreme dislike for them. Mostly the hate comes from the tackiness and sheer over-use of the little buggers. 

My personal use of emoticons is limited the simple smiley face and the wink face but only in their raw forms… : ) and ; ). The colorful, animated versions often seen on poorly designed marketing websites,  you know… the ones that try too hard to show they know something about making a website, grate on my nerves in the same way the Twilight series does (yes, both the books and the movies). Think teenage hysteria or junky knickknacks. Pointless, ugly and annoying.


Dear random people looking up emoticons… a big thank you for coming to my site. Please take a look around. You might like it.


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