San Diego Derby Dolls Allstars finally win a bout!

After blowout after blowout, the San Diego Derby Dolls Allstars finally win a bout against Arizona Roller Derby (AZRD) in town from Phoenix, AZ. From the beginning of the season which started in February, the SDDD Allstars have been matched against some of the best skaters in the country… Blood and Thunder Training Camp Allstars, Angel City Derby Girls (ACDG)Team Awesome and banked-track, sister league LA Derby Dolls. If you are not hip with these teams, all you have to know is that their skaters are phenomenal, the best of the best.

That being said, I was nervous when I had heard that AZRD was coming to play. This is a team that beat Rat City Rollergirls from Seattle (who we are scheduled to play this year). Again that may not mean much to you non-roller derby savvy folk, but again top of the top. I mentally prepared for a blowout, yet again.

After the first few jams I was slightly surprised that we were in the lead. We have been here before, can’t get too excited. I still had to put forth everything. By the end of the first half were I jammed for 5 seconds before the buzzer, we were at 33 while AZRD was only at 13.

The second half was rough on me. I was the jammer (the one who scores points) in the first jam of the second half. That apparently brought all of the wind out of me and my focus. Luckily the rest of my team kept it going. One of the girls from AZRD came flying into San Diego’s bench from a hit to the face by one of our girls. She was a bit dizzy as she got up… she seemed to be doing ok later as I joined her after I fell on one of my knees during the game. I have previous knee problems… I hate to take chances when it acts up. The final score was 38-51… AZRD-SDDD.

Sadly I have no pictures of this momentous occasion yet, but will post later. This was definitely a rare win these days but always fun and always exciting. If you are bored Saturday, June 7, come watch derby!


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