People Who Inspire Me: Dan Altenburg

I had a dream last night that my friend, Dan helped me out of a flooded river because he was able to fly and I couldn’t. Silly, I know. But I looked it up…

To dream that I was being rescued, represents an aspect of myself that has been neglected or ignored. I am trying to find a way to express this neglected part of myself. Since in reality, we do not have the ability to fly, so this dream may represent that which is beyond his physical limitations. In my mind, he can do anything. Him being able to fly symbolizes his strong mind and will. I am recognizing that he is undefeatable and nobody can tell him what he cannot do and accomplish.

To get perspective, Dan is doing a solo cross-country trek on his bike. He is not only doing this for himself, but is doing it for charity.

I admire him for what he is doing. This takes guts with little to no glory. Dan is a friend of mine but also an inspiration for me. He made a decision, one that shows his selflessness to the world. He appreciates the good in everyone and everything (maybe it is the Wisconsin upbringing). I am glad to know him and to have shared adventures with him.

Definitely check out his blog of his adventure and maybe take time to donate as it helps him stay inspired on the long hard road ahead.

Relaxing on our Route 66 trip in Santa Fe, NM


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