Flight of the Conchords with LA Derby Dolls

I could not resist posting this… I love the Flight of the Conchords and the LA Derby Dolls, so this is like heaven. I am so jealous!

Weird back story… when I lived in New Zealand in 2001, I hung out in the comedy scene there. While staying with Rhys Darby, he invited me along while he was filming part of the Flight of the Conchords pilot, all the while telling me they were going to be the next big thing (Yeah, I had heard that one before). So while sitting around for several hours watching them retake various scenes, they asked if I minded being an extra for a scene in a boardroom. I said sure (mainly because I was getting bored of just watching).

So somewhere out their is a pilot episode of the original Flight of the Conchords (in NZ) with me in it. Or maybe it just ended up on the cutting room floor.


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