Get your NXNP tickets now!

North By North Park (NXNP) is happening on Saturday, August 2. This day-long event includes workshops about music and the music business during the day at the Lafayette Hotel and shows throughout North Park (and the Greater North Park area) in the evening. The various shows around town are worth the ticket price alone. There is also a free shuttle to get your drunk ass around.

Tickets are $12.50 right now but the price will go up on Wednesday evening to $17.50. You can get tickets for $10.00 if you use the promo code: sdmusic

Please get your tickets now especially if you want to go to the workshops. This one day “conference” was developed and underwritten by the San Diego Music Foundation (aka City Beat’s charity of choice).

I will be there… most likely managing one of the stages in the University/30th area. Hope to see you there.


2 thoughts on “Get your NXNP tickets now!

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