Catching Up… What a Lazy/Crazy Week!!!

My calendar is no lie. I haven’t really done much this week.

Last Saturday was the last San Diego Derby Dolls bout/double header of the season. The Derby Dolls split into two even teams to play visiting teams: Sonoma County Roller Derby and Dockyard Dames from Tacoma. Both games were surprisingly close. I had the opportunity to manage both games… if you don’t already know the story behind why I am managing, ask me the next time you see me.

The rest of the week was pretty low key… Mainly staying in or heading to derby practice. The action really didn’t pick up until:

Thursday when we headed up to the Belly Up to see the Cheap Leis, Creepy Creeps and the Night Marchers show. We got there just in time to see the beginning of the show.

I just have to say that I LOVE the Cheap Leis! I have seen them several times before and every time I love them more. They are a mish-mosh of a number of San Diego musicians that have other bands (what San Diego band isn’t) and they play Hawaiian style songs: some covers, some originals, all entertaining. I really want to have a party poolside with these guys. Don’t be surprised if this actually happens… it is a serious thought.

The Creepy Creeps were up next. I have a bunch of friends that love these guys. I have heard so much about them but I had never seen them. I have listened to a few of their songs online… kind of a surf rock style. I like surf rock. When they hit the Belly Up stage in green masks and matching red & white striped shirts, I wasn’t too shocked. Even the dancers in fur lined monster bikinis and the big guys in Mexican wrestler masks didn’t throw me. It was definitely a production. The thing that got to me is that they didn’t really sound like what I had heard previously. They played mostly instrumental songs, “dance party” style that were more punk than surf rock. Each song sounded pretty much the same. So sad. I may give them another shot some other time… maybe they were just in a dance party mood.

We ended up heading home before the Night Marchers started. I like these guys… I wish that I could have more energy to see their entire set. I think I have seen one full set of theirs, maybe. The CD rocks, if you don’t have it already, get it or at least check it out.

Friday after work we went to the Del Mar races… for the last four races of the day. Roger won something three of the four races. Lucky. We didn’t bother to stay for Gavin Rossdale, 1) we don’t really care if we see him or miss him, 2) we were hungry and racetrack food did not sound appetizing.

Saturday morning the Derby Dolls were in the San Diego Pride parade. Contingent #77 out of 200 plus contingents. This is my only involvement with Pride this year. Roger usually plays the festival, but this year it seemed to fall through. This was also the first year that I have ever seen the parade. Wow, yes, I can’t believe it either. It was a blast to be in… we were right behind on of the floats with cute gay boys in speedos playing with super soakers. Very hot.


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