Double Feature: Man On Wire and Bottle Shock

Something I never do (until this past weekend)… go to a movie to see a movie (one movie) and end up staying for a second movie. I even went back out to the ticket counter and paid! I have no idea what got in to us. It at least saved us a trip back, as we knew that we wanted to see both movies.

Roger and I don’t really even go to see movies in the theatre, but the two movies that went to see were truly exceptions. And since we really don’t see many movies, I really haven’t reviewed any. So here is my stab at convincing you that you go to see these movies in the theatre and not just waiting around to rent them on Netflix…

By the way both of these movies are currently playing at Hillcrest Cinema, so do not delay… get out to see these before they have moved on. Oh and funny enough, they both take place in the mid-1970’s.

Man On Wire
Roger had heard about this one. Being from New York (and I guess actually living during the time period), Roger remembers as a child seeing photos of a man walking a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center. This man’s name is Philippe Petit.

From the day he heard about the twin towers being built, Philippe dreamed of stringing a tight rope between them. Part historical documentary and part criminal caper, Man On Wire bring to life Philippe’s love of his art, bringing out the beauty and precision of this death-defying and societal-defying adventure of a lifetime. Yeah, these are my words, not those of the PR staff. It is compelling and artistic and a “must see,” so go see it.

Bottle Shock
I had heard about this movie from a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in years. We keep in touch, he lives in LA, yet we seem to miss each other every time one of us is visiting the other city. Well, I got an email saying that he was in this movie coming out called Bottle Shock. I figured I had to see it… especially since last I had heard that he was doing kids television shows. I wonder whatever happened with that.

Anyhow, the story revolves around the famous wine tasting event, Judgement of Paris that put California on the map in the viticulture community. It stars Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman as well as other prominent actors and actresses. Moments of compassion and triumph as well as humor infused at appropriate moments (though Roger and I cracked up every time that we saw my friend, Hal B. Klein playing a very convincing stoner named Shenky). When I first saw the trailers, I thought it would be more like Sideways in it’s humor, building to the ridiculous. But since it is based on a true story, the plot is more defined, leaving not much room for insanity. I don’t feel like I have done this movie justice in my description… my best advice is go see it for yourself. If anything, the more people that go see this movie, the more likely it will have a wider release, meaning my friend will make more money 🙂


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