This Just In…

I really am not sure if this is public news yet. No one told me I shouldn’t post it, but then again no one told me that I could. I figure since the change happens in a week and a half, word was bound to get out anyway. And considering my source, they might as well have just put it up on myspace, facebook, twitter and rented a big billboard with the news. Anyhow, here is the low down…

Too Cool for Karaoke‘s last night will be next Tuesday at U31. Some would say, not again others would exclaim, “why?” considering last night’s Derby Doll fundraiser nearly filled the room. Well to me this move is not the biggest shocker in the world but the cause of the shakedown is.

After years of performing blues to the hipster crowd in City Heights, the long standing gig is up… Lady Dottie & the Diamonds will be moving to Monday nights at U31 in North Park. This move is scheduled to take place starting September 1st. I guess that means get your butt to Tower Bar for their last Monday night show next week. I personally have had many memories of Dottie at the Tower. That is where I remember first seeing Roger for the first time and asking my friend who the cute guy is. I also remember the ambulance being called when Lady Dottie’s husband collapsed (though that was not his final show). This move is good for Dottie & the Diamonds, but still a nostalgically sad one.

But don’t fear, Monday night bull riding at U31 will be moved to Tuesday nights. And Adam Gimbel is working (already) to find a new home for those who love to hear the sound of their own voice, singing songs that they didn’t write. Potential new locations include the Office and the newly changed hands, San Diego Sports Club.


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