Army Navy & The Takeover UK, Beauty Bar: 11/23/2008

It has been awhile since there has been a new band that charged me up and made me happy that live music exists in this world. Some of the bands that I have seen that have this ability to continually blow me away include Silent Comedy, Get Back Loretta, Nada Surf, and The Smart Brothers.

The common thread between these bands is that they don’t take things too seriously and have fun with what they do. You can see, hear and feel that they love music and want you as a fan to love it too. Their performances feel like parties on stage and off) where you can’t resist dancing and singing along… even if it is your very first time seeing them.

This weekend, I was able to revive myself and get out of the house to check out a couple of bands that I had never seen or heard about before. I saw the video for “Thin Sides” by Army Navy with Paul Scheer, from “Human Giant” and “Best Week Ever,” and was excited about what I saw and heard. Apparently Army Navy had a few songs on the “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” soundtrack, but it has been a while since I have seen a movie. Seeing that this band was energetic and could poke fun at themselves, drove me down the boulevard to the Beauty Bar for a night of music.

Here is the video if you haven’t had the chance to see it already:

When we arrived there was a band already playing on stage. I first thought that it was Army Navy, but figured out fairly quickly that it wasn’t. Wow, another band that had energy and happy vibes! Awesome night. The band happened to be The Takeover UK, a name that still doesn’t roll off of my tongue. This Pittsburgh band actually struck a chord with both Roger and I. Roger stated that The Takeover UK made him “feel like picking up his guitar and tossing it out the window.” At least that is what I heard/remember. They inspired me to think happy thoughts while bouncing around on the smoking patio that is the bar’s dance floor.

Army Navy from Manhattan was up next. I think I had pretty high expectations at that point after the video and seeing The Takeover UK. They were great, but I was more into The Takeover UK. Sadly the guitarist had injured his foot while on tour and ended up in a low stool for the night. Actually, I think the drummer from The Takeover UK had just gotten back from the emergency room for some stomach/pancreas problem… on pain meds surviving the night. From either bands performance, you could not even tell.

It was the last night on tour. The energy was high. For the final song of Army Navy’s set, they invited to the stage members from both The Takeover UK and The Shys, the headlining act. It reminded me of earlier shows with Silent Comedy and Get Back Loretta. Powerful ending to the set, and for me the night. I really wanted to stay to see The Shys, but my bed was calling through my belly.


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