Revitalization of Karmic Life

Over the next two weeks, I plan to revamp this blog to include listings of special events around San Diego. There will be a ongoing bar on the side for larger, annual events with their dates and links. I will do also do weekly listings for the week(probably posted each Sunday night).

These special events will include festivals (beer, wine, street fairs, holidays, etc.), arts events, special film screenings, cool sporting events (like derby, OTL or other cool/unusual sporting events), good comedy, trivia nights, burlesque and vaudville shows, as well as other unusually cool things to do around town. Submissions of listings can go to These submissions will be screened, I cannot lie. It is still my blog.

When I’m not crazy with work and family there will also be reviews and promotions of events that I particularly want to hype just cause.

I do need help driving people to my site. Not for money or clicking on ads, but I would like to have a purpose and share what I know. This town is full of cool things to do that often go unnoticed. So help me, help the world to know that they can leave the house (and their TV) and find something fun to do that is not just going to see a movie at the mall.


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