Time out for cute baby photos

Thomas is exactly 12 weeks old today and has doubled in weight since birth. I am enjoying every second that I get to spend with him. He is smiling and laughing now and can roll over from front to back. It is most likely that he will begin to crawl within the next 4-6 weeks which means Roger and I need to get going on the baby proofing of the house.

Since it has been three months, I figured that I would post some of my favorite photos for those who don’t get a chance to see him on a regular basis.

Thomas started swim lessons about one month ago. The Clairemont Boys and Girls Club through a program called Aqua Pros runs a parent/tot swim class starting at two months. It is a great program that uses verbal cues and praise to help babies learn basic swim skills. My mom took photos but did not know how to use the zoom, so this is the best photo I have.

My parents got this little bear pajama outfit for him. I only think it is slightly cruel to dress up your child in costumes when it is not Halloween. But our house is cold and it is made of warm fleece, plus he is so damn cute in it.

Our friend Jude got us this blue elephant stating that he had no idea what to give a baby. This blue elephant is now Thomas’s favorite animal. He talks to it and gives it hugs and kisses. Ridiculously adorable.

Dad and sleeping baby… I love this photo!


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