San Diego Backroads

I have always been a city streets driver rather than a highway driver (unless the highway really does get me there faster). I like to take the path of least resistance. his means fewer stopsigns and stoplights (or at least stoplights that run in your favor). I actually prefer stopsigns to a majority of stop lights as with stopsigns I have more control of the length of time I will be sitting there. Anyhow, I probably will get called out on this one but I thought it would be a fun one to write about. Plus I don’t really think my readership is that high to really impact the number of cars on these roads (that would be cool though).

The following are all of my favorite “shortcuts” or “roads less travelled” to get around this lovely city of ours:

Pershing Street (North Park to Downtown… and more)
This is a daily route for me to get downtown, on to the 5, 94, the airport and more. Even if you don’t need to always get downtown from North Park or visa versa, this is a great road to know about should you ever find yourself needing to. This two lane road (each side) hardly ever has traffic, there is only one light as it crosses Florida/26th Ave… oh and the speed limit is 50 mph. As another bonus, I have never seen a cop hanging around this stretch of road… I’m just saying, I might be driving a bit faster than 50mph.

A Street and B Street (Downtown)
If you are ever trying to negotiate downtown with all of the one way streets, you will often find yourself waiting at light after light. For some reason all of the direction websites like Yahoo and Mapquest send you down Broadway. Never take Broadway unless it is absolutely necessary. Both A Street (leaving downtown) and B Street (going into downtown) the lights are actually set in your favor to help with the flow of traffic. You may in up sitting at one light, but not for long.

Meade Ave (Park Blvd, University Heights to Fairmount Ave, Rolondo)
I heard about this one from a friend that frequently drove drunk. Not smart in that aspect but I now use this road all the time instead of Adams Ave or El Cajon Boulevard. The road has only a few lights that are quick and very few stop signs. Few if any cops hang out on this road, per my friend. The road cross the 805 and 15, sneaking through University Heights, North Park, Normal Heights, Kensington, into Rolondo/City Heights.

Beryl Street (Pacific Beach)
Many people who live in Pacific Beach swear by this road. I love it too. It gives you great access to both North PB and PB proper (proper really seems like the wrong word for PB). To access this stretch of road you want to turn right onto Soledad Mountain Road off of Garnet Avenue, then you will make a left onto Beryl Street. The road has two stop lights (as I recall). The first is nearly always in your favor at Lamont Street, the second is Ingraham Street/Foothill Boulevard. Here is were you decide where to go. Go straight through a few stop signs to make it to central PB (near the bars and pier), OR make a right for Northern PB (Turquoise and Tourmaline Streets). Quick in and out route to PB… cause who really wants to stay in PB?

Texas Street (Mission Valley to North Park)
Texas Street is a great quick way of getting in and out of Mission Valley into North Park. I guess this road is only good for those who live in this area, but a very necessary route when it comes to heavy shopping days and when there is a stadium event. The road is very steep, giving those with stick shift butterflies in heir stomachs that they might roll back into the car behind them. Well at least it did for me when I was taking driver’s ed and they made me go on this hill.

Kearny Villa Road (Miramar to Mesa College)
This road is a great frontage road for the 15 and 163. It will take you from the Marine Corps base in Miramar ending at Mesa College in Kearny Mesa. I never find very mush traffic on this road except over by Sharp Hospital at the end of the day (4-6pm). I don’t often travel up this way but I find myself using the road frequently none-the-less.

Here are some not-so-short, shortcuts that others swear by:

Pomarado Road (15 to Poway)
This used to be a great way to get from the 15 to Scripps Poway Parkway. Now it seems that many people know about this route and more development has occurred along the way. Some people still continue to swear by this route, claiming it’s quickness. All I find is slow traffic accompanied by lots of lights.

905 (out of Cricket Amphitheatre)
I am still arguing with friends on this one. The problem with getting out is not the roads as much as it is getting out of the parking lot in the first place. Turning south (right) out of the parking lot instead of going along Main Street by turning left seems like it would be quicker. But the actual drive is about the same. What they really need is professional traffic controller (not kids) and more than two exits out of the place.


One thought on “San Diego Backroads

  1. A word of warning about the Pershing shortcut… I do see cops there, usually once a week or so late at night when someone has taken that curve a little too fast and ended up in a ditch or worse. Be careful of speed demons, and drunk drivers!

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