Derby Party All Around

The Derby Dolls are trying some new things for this upcoming bout. 1) It is on a Friday night. I guess Del Mar was booked on the Saturday. 2) It is a theme night. 70’s flair is highly encouraged, but not required. 3) A double-decker party bus from the Arizona Bar in OB was added to the mix.

I hear something about drunken fun… well, that has always been my experience when it comes to double-decker buses. I usually don’t remember the whole experience. Penny McSquish will be your party wrangler for the night making sure you get on the bus in both directions because we realize it would really suck to sleep in the horse stalls at Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Well if you want to have a great time and remember the game, drive to Del Mar sober, pay $9 to park and buy a $12-$20 ticket to the bout. OR take the party bus for $25 and don’t worry about a thing… parking, ticket, and beer & soft drinks are included. So even if you are not drinking this is a great deal. Don’t pass this up. If we don’t sell out, we may not be doing this again. Yes, that is a very real threat.

Go to the Derby Dolls website to purchase tickets.


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