Twitter Concert Experience: Broken Bells

Some shows you don’t even need to leave the house for, especially if you follow the right people on Twitter. Last night the Broken Bells started off their first national tour, with The Morning Benders by kicking off the Humphrey’s Concerts By the Bay 2010 concert season and even though I wasn’t there, is was easy enough to follow along with the action online.
Dave Maass and Seth Combs from San Diego City Beat and Rosey Bystrak from SD Dialed In were among the not quite sold out crowd tormenting the Elite security assigned to keep the calm. Not that anyone was causing chaos, but venues such as Humphrey’s, Spreckel’s and Copley’s are known to have frequent anxiety attacks when bands that normally play bars and rock shows, entice the crowd to, of all things, dance.

The following tweets caught my eye and made made giggle just a little imagining the security  trying to stop the crowds and Seth sitting there bitter:

@sddialedin 4th row. Awesome. @TheMorningBenders just called everyone to the front. Elite security heads are exploding.
@CombsSeth Humphrey’s is the worst place to see a show in the city. I’m two songs in and I already want to leave. Fascist security. Crappy sound. Suck. 

From what I was able to gather from the fragmented tweets from the crowd, the Broken Bells managed to cover their entire album, as expected with one unexpected cover:

@DaveMaass Now Broken Bells are covering Crimson and Clover (very faithfully I might add) 

In the end of the show, as always, the crowd came away with mixed reviews:

@CombsSeth God, Broken Bells are even more boring than The Shins
@sddialedin That was the first time I saw the whole crowd standing at a Humphrey’s show, even if only for the encore. Great show, Broken Bells!

Thank you all for making my night in that much more entertaining!


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