Nada Surf and Telekinesis, Belly Up Tavern: 5/24/2010

Just a fore-warning, this post really won’t do this show justice. Between stress from work and preparations for travelling, as well as the sheer awesomeness of the set, my brain is mush. Perhaps the short and sweet post will have to suffice.
Nada Surf, the band that Roger finally committed to as his favorite band of all time, returned to San Diego Monday this time on the Belly Up Tavern stage. Matthew commented that they are doing a slow tour of San Diego including venues such as HOB, The Casbah, SDSU’s Open Air Theater, and even the Brick By Brick. The show was not sold out, but based on the crunch indoors, it felt like it was close. I was hoping for them not to sell out so they could move back to The Casbah. Selfish, I know.
Seattle band, Telekinesis opened the show. Quirky front man drummer dedicated a song to a girl he over heard say “tampon.” Turns out the girl was Gregory Page’s sister comparing the drummer to another musician. Since my brain is fried, I can neither remember what word she actually used (it wasn’t tampon), nor remember what band or musician she was comparing him with. Yes, totally useless information. The band did have a good vibe; giddy to be sharing the stage with one of their influences.
They managed to weave in a few songs from their latest cover album, if i had a hi-fi  into the set list. The entire list is  posted on Rosey’s site. The emotional highs tapping my tear ducts included “Your Legs Grow” and “Always Love”. I think I would have really lost it if I heard “I Like What You Say” and “Beautiful Beat” with special family ties to those songs.  I giggled during (and after) the guitar riff slip in the Killian’s Red when Matthew Caw, guitars/lead vocals, realized he had left one of his pedals at home… so ended up stomping on nothing then scrambling to find the right sound using other pedals and knobs. No worries Matthew, most guitarist have been there and with the additional guitarist, Doug Hillard of Guided By Voices (what’d you say!?!) the riff was barely missed.
The special treat of the night was basking in the glory of “Neither Heaven Nor Space,” a song which is rarely heard live. Butterflies in my stomach, it was that good.
Of course… the shiny object, destracting the most avid Nada Surf listeners that the show was over, “Blankest Year” made it’s appearance as the final song of the encore.  Really, who can resist screaming Fuck it! at the top of their lungs? Oh and who can argue with a  triple-ending cause Ira Elliot, the drummer felt the need to keep it going? Not me… or the rest of the crowd who were not ready to leave the Belly Up even after the show was well over.

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