What I Learned Today… a new mini-series

It’s not like I really needed to add any additional things-to-do in my life, but lately I have been watching my 17 month old pick up language and concepts at a rapid pace and begin to think about my own learning. I have always heard and known that we learn something new everyday. Articles, including this recent series by the New York Times, on learning processes only added to my desire to document my own everyday learnings.
So, after much thought, I will test this little self-reflection experiment in the public forum that is this blog. Since I really don’t want to start another blog, I thought I would tack it onto karmic life as a mini-series. “Mini” because I don’t want to over-commit myself. I plan to try this for a month and then see how it goes. Some entries will be longer than others depending on time and what I actually learned that day. Please comment on the blog, twitter or facebook to let me know what you think. Well, not like it really matters. I am doing this for me.
Here is the start: Day 1 of What I Learned Today…
The Polyphonic Spree created the soundtrack for the Independent film Thumbsucker. Originally Elliott Smith was supposed to develop the music for  the movie  but he passed away during its creation.
Thumbsucker resonated with both me and my husband as both of us used this method of consolement for many more years than the average individual. I managed to break the habit at nine years old with the aid of orthodontic tactics (placing prongs on the roof of my mouth), while Roger continue until he was fifteen. The habit not only had physical repercussions (years of braces and head-gear), but social repercussions which is the premise behind the movie. 
We resigned ourselves to believing that our child was doomed to carry on this unfavorable behavior, but luckily for us (well, really for him) he never took to sucking his thumb, finding solace within.
After hearing one of The Polyphonic Spree songs from the soundtrack on Slacker and realizing that I hadn’t heard the song before, I instantly knew that I must make this album part of my collection. If I hadn’t made myself promise to go to yoga today, my lunch break would have been a trip to M-Theory to try to secure myself a copy of the Thumbsucker soundtrack.  In due time.
Track of the day: “Acceptance” by The Polyphonic Spree (track 22 on the Thumbsucker soundtrack)

One thought on “What I Learned Today… a new mini-series

  1. whenever I hear Polyphonic Spree I think about Sufjan Stevens, and vice-versa. If you aren’t familiar w/ his music and you like PS, check him out.

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