What I Learned Today… carpel tunnel

I have worse carpel tunnel from using a sewing machine than I have ever had using a keyboard.

 So around noon today I found out that we had a half day at work. Somehow I totally spaced on this awesome potential for getting things done. The day just opened up for me. Since I had planned to go to the gym for lunch, I stayed a bit longer until my stomach was aching for food. Once I satisfied my body’s need for excercise and sustenance, I set to work on one of the many projects derived for being a homeowner.

Today’s project: try to finish the curtains for the living room. I set out to make curtains from scratch nearly a year ago thinking it would be easy and cheaper. Neither have been true. At this point I feel that I should have just forked over the cash to Bed, Bath and Beyond for new curtains then either alter them myself (bad idea) or pay to have them altered. Well… neither of these things will happen in the near future because at this point it is a mission. I have to finish this project.

So sewing like mad for almost three hours, I have 1) only finished two of the four panels, 2) one that is about 1 inch longer than the other and 3) carpel tunnel aching like crazy in my left wrist. I type everyday. And I admit my wrist position and posture is poor. BUT I have never felt the way I felt when sewing today. I would never make it in a textile factory. And what really kills me is that I am only halfway done.


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