What I Learned Today… green light means go green

San Diego has a green transportation company, of the car variety.

Bikes have been all the green rage. Pedal power to the max still can’t always get you where you need to be (unless combined with some unwieldly public transportation). TerraMoto offers another solution to move you with an environmentally conscious mind. They accomplish their goal by using hybrid vehicles, specifically Toyota Prius sedans and hybrid Toyota Highlanders.

After reading a bit about their company and the purpose behind it, I decided to give them a call to get a quote to find out how much TerraMoto actually charges for a trip to the airport, knowing a ride in a yellow cab costs about $25 plus tip. My quote for that 15 minute (max) car trip is $50 from my house in North Park to the airport. Yep, even the non-math geeks know this is double the cost… but they did offer a $5 off for first time users and $10 off if I book round trip. The sweet, enthusiastic girl also shared they would match any “competitors” price. I didn’t go much into this, but surely they are talking about town cars specifically… not the dingy shuttles or taxis they claim on their website as competition.

It is cool to know this exists, but I wish they were true to their roots. There was a need and they filled it but at what expense. Well, not their pockets… that is for sure.

Today’s learnings bore from San Diego GreenDrinks, a group of individuals interested in and/or working on improving the environment, thinking green, and who like to network and socialize once a month. Invited almost 3 years ago by some of my camp industry friends, I am sad to say, I have not made it a priority to attend any of these gatherings… although, I still would love to even though I left camping years ago. The next Green Drinks event is this Thursday, July 15th, 6-9PM at the Chula Vista Nature Center.

Oh yeah, TerraMoto is offering $10-$20 rides (depending on where you live) from the event to discourage drunk driving. Moved me to call. Nice work.


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