What I Learned Today… journalism

Interviews are not my forte.

A simple task really, “Get some quotes from girls while you are at camp.” I get there in the middle of a busy day of campers both coming and going. Strike one. None of the girls will be doing anything fun today. It is all tired faces and tears of sadness as campers depart from the fun memories. The girls who are venturing to camp for their first day, will be in the beginning stages of bonding while at the same time mourning the familiarity of their homes.

Ok, not what I really expected… but I roll with it. I will find out from the girls leaving what they loved about camp the most and asked the arriving girls what they are most excited about. The staff know I am doing this but it still feels weird. A random lady, who looks kind of official asking prodding questions about their time at camp. That’s me. Strike two.

So I manage to get a few decent answers to my questions. I jot down notes to make sure I remember by tomorrow morning, because that is what the pros do. Am I right?

As I am leaving I take a glance over my notes. I totally understand what they mean. Awesome. But upon looking closer I realized I failed to get pertinent information. No ages, no grades, no camp units and worse, no names. Strike three, I am out. My quotes are pretty much useless… but I totally completed the assignment. I can’t say if they will ever ask me to help again though.


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