Skateworld Rally

Friends of Skateworld Roller Rink have set up a rally to help save Skateworld, the last roller skating rink in San Diego… or rather bring awareness to the cause… or just to have a party to rally in support of Skateworld. I am not even sure how rallies really help anything in the long run, but on Wednesday, July 28 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, Skateworld is opening its doors for its own version of a rally. Basically you will find an all ages party with free admission and skate rental (or you can bring your own skates).

They suggest to bring signs and banners to skate inside the rink and on the sidewalks in front of the rink to “be seen and be heard.” It sounds like a fun, family friendly free event, but I can’t begin to tell you how it will show my support for San Diego’s ONLY remaining roller rink or show the city council that I want Skateworld to stay… Maybe there will be media? Who knows.

I love these guys to death, but I still don’t think they know what they are dealing with.


2 thoughts on “Skateworld Rally

  1. Unelievable that the San Diego Redevelopment Department would pick this building. Driving through Linda Vista, you can plainly see that there are plenty of VACANT BUILDINGS and VACANT LOTS that would be just fine for a Social Service office. RIDICULOUS THAT SAN DIEGO IS SPENDING MONEY ON A N Y BUILDING RIGHT NOW. The City is broke, and broken, and continues to make poor business decisions.


    I will be at the Rally! Join me!

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