What I Learned Today… rain boots and perfection

I recognize I am not super-human (a fact I have known for a while). When life gets crazy, writing takes a back seat, but the learning never stops. So here are my learnings from yesterday and today.

It is amazingly easy to find rain boots in the summer.

After a slight panic attack yesterday about leaving for the UK next week to camp in Leeds, started my hunt for quality rain boots since it has been raining there for weeks… and rain equals mud. But even in the heat of summer, I didn’t have to dig too deep; rain boots are everywhere (Target, DSW, Wal-Mart, etc.) without a drop of rain in sight.  It is a funny phenomenon but true. Similarly it is hard to find fans and swim suits in the middle of summer because stores don’t want to restock in late July even though San Diego summers REALLY last until late October and sometimes into November. But  rain boots? Really? It won’t be raining here again until January but you wouldn’t know that by window shopping.

There is no such thing as perfect communication.

We all need to communicate in our lives to make relationships work, with work, family and friends. Striving to have good communication is something I have been working on since college. But communication is two-way, giving and receiving on both ends. Since I have little control over the other end, achieving perfect communication. I am constantly amazed at how many people feel communication in various situations at work think it only goes one way. Complaints abound about how they are never told about things that are happening… but at the same time these same individuals don’t ask questions or make an effort to seek out the information.

And then there is communication breakdown, or in other words, forgetting to tell others what is going on (mostly unintentional). This can lead to hurt feelings, frustration, and sometimes, confusion.

Today, we had a forty-five minute discussion on the topic of communication, between coworkers of various levels within the organization. It was not on my agenda, but the resulting discussion (since there was not much of a conclusion) created a more relaxed environment at least in the room. Just knowing their voices had been heard, and understood, made them feel better.

Over all it was an important conversation in understanding the various levels of perceptions and assumptions taking place… no matter how painful and uncomfortable the situation was. I’m pretty sure telepathy is the answer to all communication issues.


2 thoughts on “What I Learned Today… rain boots and perfection

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