What I Learned Today… paper guitars, Martians and turtles

The last three days have been freakishly busy with Comic Con, friends in town, neighborhood events, family time, and even writing a short stories. Exhausted from walking miles, soaking in the sun and drinking a bit of wine, I am going to recap Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s learnings. With at least three Comic Con posts pending, the descriptions maybe short to save the real meat for posts coming soon.

Friday: If you are too lazy to learn guitar or Guitar Hero, you can still look good and rock out on a paper guitar.

Seriously… they make paper electronic guitars. Sold at your local Walgreens ($25) for the stoners and impulse buyers in all of us, WowWee has introduced Paper Jamz. It apparently has circut-embedded paper that senses your touch. After a few minutes of playing around, my friend was strumming along with Sweet Home Alabama.

According to the packaging, you can either strum along to the massive three song hit list, control the rhythm to said songs or create your own songs by playing the actual real chords. This last feature, if working as stated, would make this a pretty fun toy. My fingers would appreciate not to have to press down on any strings. And yes, I am sarcastically serious.

Saturday: I am a Martian.

Let’s just say I spent a little time with my hero on Saturday. At one month shy of 90, Ray Bradbury is still full of life. He shared his thoughts on the importance space travel in the survival of man. The moon, Mars and the universe is where we will call home.

Sunday: I won’t eat turtle soup for inexplicable reasons.

I don’t like turtle soup even though I’ve never had turtle soup. There were no plans to have turtle soup today, but Roger and I were discussing Bud’s Louisiana Cafe and how much he loves their seasonal turtle soup dish. In the midst of discussing why, each answer I gave was hypocritical and had no basis.

I eat meat of all kinds and I love most of these animals in their animal form. I also understand that the turtles used for the dish are raised specifically for eating. So animal rights is obviously not the issue. Then I thought maybe it is because I had a pet turtle once, but discarded that idea because 1) I had pet fish but I eat fish and 2) I let those turtles die. Sad but true. And since I have never eaten turtle meat, it can’t be the taste.

The conversation ended with Roger telling me I don’t have to have a reason why I don’t like turtle soup… anyway, it leaves more for him.


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