What I Learned Today… geeks and gas stations

Again I needed to catch up. Here are Wednesday and Thursday’s learnings:

Recent high school graduates at Comic-Con do not know who Ray Bradbury is.

This realization broke my heart. And I know in reality there has to be some young nerds in love with his work, but each kid I spoke to on Wednesday stared blankly at me as I shared the weekend panel I could not miss: Spotlight on Ray Bradbury. Without this man, there are many comics and tv shows that would not exist. His involvement in the development of animatronics brought to life many theme park rides and static displays. His writing inspired other authors to write. And he is the one that made writing a daily affair for me. The kind of affair you have to sneak around and find every possible moment to spend your time with. 

History should not be forgotten. I am enamored with the idea Ray Bradbury treks down to San Diego every year, partly because he can’t resist the draw of toys and comic books, but mostly to remind people to be true to themselves and their loves… whether that is writing, drawing, creating or just being a fan. I guess in the same way he reminds me, it is my duty to remind and share with today’s youth the same sentiments.

I will not go to a gas station without credit card/ATM service available at the pump.

Stoplights, waiting in line, going pee, and getting gas are some of my biggest pet peeves in the world. I know I am impatient. Peeing takes time out of my day, but it must be done which is why I find myself waiting until I have to explode… I need to keep tabs on this during Comic-Con.

But today, I was nearly out of gas (because I of the same reason as above) so I drive to the nearest gas station on the way to where I am headed. I circle into the station and drive up to the pump, before getting out of the car I look up at the pump with a white, weathered piece of paper posted over where the credit card display would be stating, “Please see cashier for ATM and credit card service.” Barely stopping, I swerve out of the lot in search of the next nearest station. Luckily it wasn’t far, but one of these days I’m sure I will run out of gas before stopping at a station without this simple modern-day convenience.


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